We allow dogs and cats at all of our properties! Please read below for requirements, restrictions, and fees for having your furry friends in our homes.

*Any pet(s) must be approved prior to being allowed on the premises. We can not accept Pit Bulls, Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers, or any mixes of those breeds, and/or any pet we consider agressive.

*Dogs exceeding 30lbs are restricted to houses and duplexes only. Dogs 30lbs or less are welcome at any property.

*We require a refundable pet deposit in the amount of $250, and rent increases by $50/mo for the first pet, and $20/mo for each additional pet. (For example, if you have 1 dog and 1 cat, rent would increase by $70/mo.)

*We will also require a photo of your pet(s) for our records when you submit a rental application.

*If you have an ESA or Therapy Animal, please contact our office to obtain the required paperwork needed to register your pet for the property.

*We also allow fish, hampsters, and other small caged animals at no additional charge! Some restrictions may apply. Please contact our office for details.

We love to meet your furry friends and encourage visits to our office!

For any other questions regarding pets, feel free to contact our office:

(715) 833-2222          OR                ymbrent@icloud.com

Pet Policy

We Love Pets!