Application Process


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*Each adult intending to reside at the property must fill out a rental application. Applications forms can be found on our website, are available in our office, or will be provided during scheduled showings.

*A non-refundable $20 application fee (per applicant), and a copy of each applicant's drivers license or state photo ID must be submitted to our office to begin processing the applications. Copies can also be made in our office for your convenience.

*It typically takes 2-3 business days to complete the application process. Applications are valid 30 days from submission date and may be applied towards any available property. After 30 days, inactive applications will be destroyed.

*Application approvals are not based on a first come, first serve basis. The most qualified applicant(s) will be approved for the property. We will check any combination of your credit, current and past rental history, employment and wage verification, criminal background and social media.

*We look for a minimal of one full year of rental history on a lease, and one full year of employment with your current employer. You may be required a co-signer if you do not meet these criteria. Co-signer applications are available through the application link, located below the regular applications. There is no fee for the co-signer application, however, we will need a copy of their DL or state photo ID to process.

Your application WILL NOT be processed if it is not filled out completely.

*All requested information is pertinent in processing your applications and determining qualification for approval.

*Do not leave any portion of the application blank. All writing must be legible. If we are unable to read your application, or if requested information is missing, the application will not be processed. Be especially careful to fill out your phone number and email address accurately and clearly.

*If your current or previous address was not through a landlord, we still need the residency details to process.

*If any additional items are requested during the application process, it is important to provide the requirements right away so the application process is not delayed further.


*If you have ever been evicted or asked to vacate a property.

*If you provide false or misrepresented information.

*Insufficient income.

*Negative landlord references, and/or court related discrepancies with current or past landlords resulting in money judgements and/or evictions.

*Negative behavior, such as violent crimes, domestic battery, criminal drug charges, sexual related offenses, repeated offenses, or general disregard for laws and regulations.

*Negative pet references.

*NOTE: For groups of applicants, applications will be denied as a whole for any person denied in the applying party.

Application Approval:

*Once your application has been approved, we require 1st months rent in full up front, along with scheduling a lease signing. Security, and pet deposit where applicable, will be due at move in.

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